1. Complete Packaging Line
    2. The complete packaging line is mainly composed of a vertical bagger, weighting system and auxiliary equipment like a pack off table, packaging line feeder, support platform, finished package conveyor and so on. Read More
    1. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (VFFS)
    2. Mingke is a professional manufacturer of packaging machines with decades of production experience. This allows us to customize the most suitable packaging solutions according to your product Read More
    1. Application Specific VFFS Machines
    2. The MK-LS1 vertical form fill seal machine has a single vibration bowl feeder, making it applicable to the counting and packaging of single hardware fittings, plastic parts, electronic devices, and more. Read More
    1. Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS)
    2. The horizontal flow wrapper (HFFS) performs three tasks in one fluid and continuous operation - bag forming, bag filling, and finished product discharge. It is designed for bar, strip, and irregularly shaped items Read More
    1. Multihead Weigher
    2. Multihead weighers weigh and fill products. The multihead weigher model decides the product type, packaging speed and product fill weight. Mingke Pack manufactures a variety of weighers, including multihead weighers Read More
    1. Auxiliary Equipment
    2. In order to package loose materials into elegant products for shelf display, a complete packaging line is essential. A vertical bagger and multihead weigher are both required, as is auxiliary equipment like a packaging line feeder Read More